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Full Circle Concierge Service helps businesses and organizations save money and provides more flexibility.  For years, the idea of saving money with printing meant buying more volume so the price per piece was low.  This left many businesses with a large inventory of brochures, flyers and marketing materials that they would never use.  Huge sums of money were tied up into printed pieces sitting on shelves in a closet.

Johnson Imaging decided there was a better way.  Instead of having a stock pile of materials, only print what you need.  When you need to resupply, it is only a phone call or email away.  This provides you with the flexibility you need without having a lot of money tied up in printed pieces.  If a change needs to be made, just let us know.  It really is that simple.

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Since Johnson Imaging specializes in printed marketing, the process begins by looking at your business.  We look at everything from business cards and brochures to yard signs and banners.   We help you develop a strategy, presenting different ideas and materials.  The best part, there is no cost for this service.  We store everything in our computers and you only pay for what is printed.  This saves you money and keeps your materials fresh and working for you.

Need to make a change?  No problem, just let us know.  We can either make the change for you or you can just provide us with a new version.  Because you can print in small quantities, you only print what you need.  Johnson Imaging becomes your resource allowing you focus on your business.   Your business remains flexible without having money tied up in marketing materials.  Give us a call today and let's talk about the Full Circle Concierge Service.

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